There are many reasons to book your next tour with Playaway Tours.  We are a well known NZ company with 32 years experience.  

Life on Tour

We keep your daily travelling time to a minimum for your comfort. Having 2 to 3 nights stay in one location gives you time for relaxation and time to explore with our organised tours or at your own pace. Our choice of hotels varies from Manor Houses and country hotels or contently located modern hotels, with you comfort in mind.

We are a fully independent agency which means we are completely impartial in offering travel suggestions. Big enough to take you around the world, but small enough to treat you as a person.

  • Flights included

  • No tipping

  • Friendly competent tour managers

  • Wide range of hotels

  • Early bird discounts

  • References available

  • Pre- tour service

  • Safety and companionship of group touring


All flights from Auckland back to Auckland are included in the cost of the tour.  We can assist you in your domestic flights as part of your Playaways Tour so give us a call and we will help you out with this.


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We have many existing clients who will be pleased to talk to you about our tours from a consumer point of view.  Click here to read some of testimonials now.

 no tipping

Our Tour Managers do not expect or accept tips and tips to drivers and local guides are taken care of by Playaway Tours. 


adding to your experience

You may wish to depart before the group or stay a little longer overseas to visit friends or relatives or see more of your dream desinations.  We will be pleased to seamlessly integrate your requirements into your tour with Playaway.  

Pre-Tour Service

Our knowledgeable staff is at your service to help with any of your questions and arrangements leading up to your departure.  If you want help with passports and visas, insurance, research material, personal requirements or what to take etc, then just make a free call to 0800 12 86 87 and we will assist you with your additional arrangements.

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Safety and Companionship of Group Touring

We research and plan our trips to avoid going to destinations where clients are going to meet with obvious or unnecessary danger. However even in the most beautiful and peaceful locations the unexpected can happen. Being looked after by a competent tour organisation with a trustworthy leader and friendly companions is a real plus. If illness or personal problems occur it is good to know that caring help is right at hand. It's fun to have a variety of companions at your side to share all the excitement of the day and to have a meal and a drink with when you are looking for some fun company along the way.



Hotels Are Important

We use a variety of excellent hotels from Manor Houses and Country hotel gems to well located big city character hotels in old Palaces and historical buildings or in beautiful modern purpose built properties, All are thoroughly researched by our planners with cleanliness, spaciousness, comfort, location and of course value being our top priorities.

days on the road

Long hours on a bus just travelling from A to B are rare occurrences and we try to have as many 2/3 day stays as possible to ensure an easy going schedule.  We offer variety in longer haul days by using short-hop flights and some excellent train trips.

A balance of time

We always make sure that there is a good balance between organised touring and time for personal exploration and relaxation.  Opting out of an activity occasionally is fine if you are feeling a little tired or wish to focus on some particular interests of your own.  Often there are bonus, no charge, inclusions and activities that you are invited to enjoy with your tour manager. 

keeping costs down

Most tours have many special features which include meals, activities, entry fees and entertainment and many of our happy travellers are very surprised at how little they need to spend whilst on tour as compared to some of the other trips they have been on.

Friendly Competent Tour Managers

All of our experienced tour managers are professionals who are dedicated to your care and your requirements. They are not "personalities on a junket", they are there to look after you "first and foremost". You will be impressed with their friendly assistance, tact and orgnisational skills. They will interact well with our overseas guides and travel supply colleagues to ensure that your holiday is a stress-free fun experience. Please look upon them as friends and not someone who is there to be some sort of travel policeman.

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our brochures

You will enjoy reading our comprehensive brochures.  They contain a detailed day by day itinerary and all of the terms and conditions so that all pertinent information is clear for your consideration.  Any unanswered questions or special requirements that you may have will be speedily dealt with by our team of experts.  

booking a tour

As there is a trend towards smaller groups we have responded to this and have reduced the number of available places on tours for 2017.  Due to smaller group numbers combining with the effect of an already apparent uspurge of enquiries for the last years, we suggest that you try to book as early as possible to secure a place on the tour of your choice.

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